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Servcorp Limited is a multinational organisation that sells Serviced Offices, Virtual Offices, Coworking Spaces, Meeting Rooms, Community Packages, and IT Services to entrepreneurs, startups, SME's and large enterprises. It was established in 1978 and listed on the Australian Stock Exchange in 1999.[2] As of 9 December 2020, it operates in 125+ business centres in 43 cities across 21 countries. The company currently has 85 coworking locations globally.


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Former Employee - Center Manager says

"I worked at Servcorp full-time for more than a year Cons: poor communication, lack of leadership"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Servcorp full-time for more than a year Cons: Everything from pay and how they treat their employees."

Former Employee - Executive Assistant says

"I worked at Servcorp full-time for more than a year Cons: 1. HIGH TURNOVER RATE! I’ve worked by myself in front reception so many times for a few months. Coverage is horrible! 2.Irrelevant morning meetings/huddles everyday, your literally repeating your daily tasks to both managers over and over again. 3.Too much gossip for a 3-4 person staff , lack of training, not a team player workplace. 4.During the stay at home work order both managers were lazy to help with mail, I was the only one going into the office to sort mail and redirect clients mails, their excuse was “we don’t know how to do mail” lol! (How do you consider yourself management if you can’t even be a team player) 5.Management does not care on how a client speaks to you, manager will make you think that she cares but in the end she does not resolve the issue, nor addresses it to the client(s). 6.Manager has taken pictures on my personal mobile twice, she loves to touch your personal belongings when you are away from your desk, but when something is said to her about it she does not apologize but instead is petty about it. 7. Petty long emails from management but nothing would be said directly or in-person. Management will laugh and chuckle at every serious discussion and will bring you down. Management will flaunt in your face about how she’s been working there for 4 years and started as a receptionist. (But she still asks for help for every little thing) 8. Enjoyed my job when the initial manager hired me but after 3 managers everything went downhill, sadly!"

Former Employee - Executive Assistant says

"I worked at Servcorp full-time for less than a year Cons: ALL THE BAD COMMENTS MENTIONED ON GLASSDOOR ARE TRUE. DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT WORK HERE!!This company is “CERTAINLY ”HORRIBLE lmao!!!! East coast location. I was thrown into a position that you needed to be trained for thoroughly. Unfortunately I was stuck doing the managers job b/c she didn’t know how to do it herself and she was no use in training me. I was directed to about 3-4 other people for trainings. This can be confusing for anyone accepting such a huge role. I was belittled, verbally abused by colleges, told I lacked common sense and that I was slow. I was treated horribly by management and other managers not within the actual location site I worked out of. Clients were so rude you’d have to cry in a corner at times due to the disbelief a Company would allow their staff to be treated so unfairly to uphold a bs “5 STAR” service for an over priced and rip off of an environment. Management was slow instead of training me thoroughly and learning how to do things you can’t do yourself you’d rather reprimand me for your short comings. I felt like an absolute scapegoat for personal short comings of other employees. I felt like a servant that’s why this companies name is called “SERVCORP” You signed over to Serve people that don’t give a damn about anything including you. You will be lied to spoken about and thrown under the bus for things you have no control over. Its pretty sad tbh. I have read reviews on Glassdoor about this company before I even started and EVERYTHING IS TRUE PEOPLE!!! EVERYTHING! From poor treatment , gossip, horrible training techniques , feeling unappreciated, verbal abuse. Do not invest in this company if you don’t want to be treated like any form of an animal. They use scare tactics on new employees and make you feel like you’ll get fired for breathing to hard. God forbid if you forget the letter “I” in the word email. “THATS IT FOR YOU” . Ooo a smudge on the glass. You’d be considered a horrible employee b/c you missed an “I” in a word and didn’t notice a smudge on a glass. Within all the 50 million responsibilities you have to do. THIS IS A HORRIBLE COMPANY TO WORK FOR. Nasty employees. CEO is worried his markets aren’t selling that great. WELP! Maybe you should pay attention to the turnover rates of your staff. And closely watch how your company manages , trains and treats their staff. You will know why everyone quits so soon. Why clients are stopping at your front desk and mentioning how high the turnover rate is here. How does that look to the clients you want to create a “5” star unbelievable hotel clientele experience for. It looks bad on YOU! not anyone else just your company you’ve worked so hard to build. I hope someone shows you this and you personally read it. B/c your company is going alllll the way down. In its sales in its market in everything. You’re going to have no staff soon b/c your managers are morons. We work is your competitor after all and I’ve heard they treat their staff so much better. I wish the great employees that are still there nothing but the best. But, please move on and utilize your talents else where. This company doesn’t care about you at all. And if management would like to respond to my comment and tell me this isn’t how it goes here. Save it. I will blast you for your lies."

Former Employee - Receptionist says

"I worked at Servcorp full-time for more than a year Cons: I understand jobs should be taken seriously and professionally, but this is an absolutely boring job to work at. There is nothing fulfilling or rewarding at his place. Super strict about the tiniest things and some of the clients are not always that fun to work with. You should always look forward to going into work, but nothing about this job you will really want. It is not fast paced, not dynamic, you basically feel like a servant to clients. It's just not a good job. For those who have grown and enjoyed it, I applaud you. But this company absolutely does not care about their employees, offers no real incentive to work, and the environment is just completely lack luster. I hope those who have done wonderfully there, move on because their skills are wasted."

Former Employee - Executive Administrative Assistant says

"I worked at Servcorp full-time for less than a year Cons: First off there’s so much gossip and pettiness here, it’s extremely toxic. I walked in on the manager and team member gossiping about me one day. I got bullied every day I went in. I got sent pretty emails multiple times a day. I got micromanaged by a girl who is not a manager because the manager is not leader enough to step up and do her job. There was an extremely sketchy thing that also happened while I was there. They direct deposited petty cash, which is money for the center to my bank. My boyfriend immediately said to get it stopped, so I sent an email Friday asking them to not direct deposit to my account anymore and walked into work Monday saying I was going to be let go because the girls at the center didn’t like me or think I was a good fit. Lol! I mean you did me a favor!! There’s also no HR department to talk to about problems. Just stay far away from this company. I turned down a great opportunity for this one because I thought the pay was better. Don’t make a mistake I did. The pay is not worth it at all."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Servcorp full-time Cons: treatment of employees, awful management and training"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Servcorp full-time Cons: - Micromanagement is insane... People will sneak to check your computer - Very aggressive and petty emails among employees - No room for growth unless you want to be a sales person - Backstabbing and gossiping about everyone is an everyday activity - Rude and gross attitudes - Managers with no people skills talking down to their employees - Some clients getting into legal problems, and staying as tenants - Overcharging clients for every little thing"

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Servcorp full-time Cons: No training, overworked employees, general managers do not care about employees, high turnover"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Servcorp full-time Cons: - There is no 'Human Resources' department. Instead, there are two people who are handling HR matters... So if you are looking to put in a complaint about a manager and/or team, good luck because your complaints might not get addressed. - There is a LARGE turnaround because people aren't happy with management or people are let go due to not grasping certain things (from a lack of training). - Most of the training is based on videos. Not many people are visual or auditory learners. Some learn through reading/writing, and kinesthetic. - Men cannot be hired as executive assistants or receptionists. Your resume will be trashed immediately if you apply. - Servcorp increased health insurance premiums and "it's not because of a lack of trying to keep them as low as possible but because [their] insurance has done what it is supposed to do by supporting our team members when needed." Since Servcorp’s health coverage costs gone up, employees' 25% has also increased. - Upper Management will go on their own platform to demand 'positive reviews' on Glassdoor because two former employees left negative reviews and 'have decided they hate Servcorp' and 'have painted a picture of Servcorp that isn't fair in [their] view.' Upper Management [are] 'not instructing any of you to do this... not even asking, but if you agree with [them] that the reviews are unfair [they'd] love you to go and comment on them and possibly write your own review... In [their] view they have been completely unfair, untruthful and malicious, it is damaging to everyone in Servcorp.' - Management has an open door policy but they will treat you coldly after you have a discussion or advise them (based on their demands) about potential interviews. - Management will change your clock out times to reflect your 'scheduled time' and not pay your overtime. They will disregard any verbal agreements you both agreed upon. - Management is so controlling about the reputation of Servcorp that they will go through your emails, violating Section 1.4.1 of the Servcorp computer, email, Internet & security policy. - Favoritism is evident in most team culture. Management will require you to give up a few minutes of your break to compensate for the time you were late, but they will not require the person they favor to do the same thing despite being 10 minutes late to work almost every day. - Before interviewing candidates, Management will google you to see what you have posted public. If you are wearing something they do not think is fashionable or 'appropriate,' they will make fun of you the day before you interview with them. Be prepared for fake smiles and interest."

Mary says

"Be careful about hidden costs and read the agreement before signing . Check every single bill carefully. These guys will rip you off with their hefty termination fees when you least expect it."

Bulmaro Damaso says

"Is one of the most deceiving companies you will always be overcharged, they will increase your office fees without your knowledge.

Never will go back to them they did it to our company 3 times in a 1 year and half."

Khash Eshraghi says

I had the worse experience with their downtown Los Angeles office.

I was over charged each month. Charged for anything and everything, including each time they greeted my clients.

The staff made fun of my clients who were disabled, gay or otherwise.

Worse experience of my life and I had the largest suite in that office. And to think I bought gifts from Tiffany & Co. for entire staff. Smh"

ELS says

"By closing your office with less than 30 days of notice to your tenants, many of whom were long-term like my office, you lost my vote of confidence to return if you decide to expand again."

Chris Quintanilla says

"I did not have the same hidden charge experience that others reported and I do think the value of the services I received was on-par with what I paid.

However, they decided to close our office on 26 June and only gave notice on 5 June at 6pm. (If I would have cancelled, they would have required notice of at least 30 days.) Plus, I was informed from multiple sources they kept the building management in the dark about their intentions. If true, this is not an ethical way to do business which is why I am only giving them a one-star rating.

Looking at their website, it looks like they actually may have closed a total of 12 locations in the U.S. Frankly, I personally wouldn't trust them enough to engage in an agreement with them again."

Management Consultant says

"Beware - hidden charges that continue beyond termination. Despite giving full notice of when we would require the office and paying upfront, the charges continued. Any initial discount offered evaporates. The response if you try and challenge their additional pricing strategy? "We will just send the debt collectors round".

A shocking, unprofessional and intimidating experience.
Think twice before dealing with this passive aggressive organisation."

2Homeeasy Shop Thailand says

"Beside poor management and high turn-over of employee who stands at the reception. There are hidden costs everywhere even you manage operation by yourself. Please ensure that you read all 1 star comments before mine. You will meet them all if you made the agreement and I strongly agreed with them as same experiences. "hidden costs are endless"
In addition, they are truly dishonest and unreliable. Extremely Disappointed. Please stay away this unprofessional like this."

Vladimir Shpitalnik says

"Our bible study group signed up for a monthly package deal in 2016. We were able to book 10-person conference room 4 times per months for a fixed monthly payment which worked up perfectly even though we only utilized it about 50%. It was a good place for people working in Downtown SF to catch a good class on various biblical subjects in the middle of the working day and the experience was great as well -- nice office managers always ready to help. We have built pretty good relationship over 3 years. However, it all changed in mid 2019 after we have decided to look for a new place. Unfortunately we did not know that the contract renews automatically and realized it only after 5 months after we have noticed charges on the card. I have called and asked if it would be possible to get a refund since we did not book a single room during that time. The receptionist on the phone told me that she understands and her manager will call me back right away to discuss the options. I was waiting all day and nobody called, so I called back and now the receptionist told me that her manager will communicate with me only by email. So I got the email eventually with the copy of the original contract and a cold statement that not only they will not refund anything but also that they will charge and extra monthly payment and an additional termination fee. I have asked her to at least be reasonable and refund us partially, but she would not even consider that. So they charged us for 5 months + one an extra month + termination fee + 10% increase even though we have not used or booked any rooms… all because we did not realize that the contract renews automatically. Basically what started as a good deal turned to be a credit card scheme, or at least this is how it feels."

Usman Tariq says

"Disgusted! Emails sent multiple times... Slow to no replies. Charging customers even you haven't signed the contract. If you don't pay they apply £30 to £50 roughly fine. Too many hidden costs. Too many lies. Signed up based on what product I need and ends up paying extra than what's was written on the website. Proper day light Robbery. 2 months and still haven't placed my foot at the office nor a single service has been activated. 2 months keep charging me without any service provided. Blocked my card and they can do what ever they want now. Ridiculous service."

Julius Bothmer says

"Hidden fees everywhere.
For example they charge you once for setting up new people and issuing a pass to the office (85 Pounds) and then charge you again for secretarial charges "Costs for arranging passes"
And the list goes on. We ended up paying more than twice of what had been agreed as rent. Never again!"

Hesham says

"The Servcorp BOSTON location is a disgrace to Servcorp and damaging to their brand. This branch is totally toxic and should not be operational. SCorp Boston simply do not comply with the good name of SCorp in regard to their service, professionalism and courtesy.

SCorp have been an enormous help to my company for the last 14 years, I use 2 other SCorp locations, one for 14 years and the other for 11 years (every day). In addition, I have used 8 other SCorp locations for temporary needs. I have never seen any office operate as carelessly, irresponsibly and unprofessionally as SCorp Boston. I terminated after a few frustrating weeks.

I can write a 10 page document featuring examples that support my claims above, I will summarize below.

1/ They are dismissive of your business requirements including any associated deadlines/timelines

2/ Be prepared to be fleeced financially, they will take you to the cleaners anyway they can, including their billable time. Their billable time is ridiculous particularly when you compare it to my other SCorp locations who perform exactly the same tasks

3/ They are cavalier and completely irresponsible in their response time, you need to essentially plead with them to receive a response. Any other SCorp office will respond within 1-2 hours or sooner. With SCorp Boston I needed to email and call many times for virtually any request. Two examples (of many) include a request to confirm the goods that they are holding for me in two small plastic boxes that are approx. 15-20% full. My other FedEx offices will get back to me same day with the details, next day at the very latest. After 2 weeks and 5 follow up emails I called the manager (Joana) and she said they were WORKING ON IT, 3 days later I finally get their response in the form of 3-4 bullet points. Instance no. 2, I made a request for them to give me the dimensions of a box I needed to be shipped from their office, that is all, after three follow emails requesting these details I had reached my limit and I said to the manager that she ran a "bad/inefficient" office, look at point 5 for her response

4/ Boston was not required to take many calls for me unlike my other SCorp offices, they received no more than around 2 calls in the remaining 2-3 days I was with them. After 14 years with SCorp in multiple offices, I received my first ever complaint by a client about a SCorp staff member on 5/27/19. This was a long to time client of mine and he said the receptionist made it difficult for him and he abandon the call. I emailed the Boston SCorp manager and ccd one of the front desk ladies to give their version of the phone call, NO RESPONSE, as normal.

5/ After weeks of the above nonsense, I reached my limit and gave 30 days notice. A few days after the event in Point 2/ (and after my notice) occurred, I said to the Boston manager, Joana, that she ran a "bad/inefficient" office. I will give her credit here, her response to this email was prompt. What was her response ? "I am sorry you feel that way….." or "I will call you to address your concerns", no it was not. The reaction was more gangster than a SCorp professional, she said they will terminate my services in 2 days (there were still around 27 days remining in my notice). I had to scramble to find another company to take my calls, this takes time. I asked them to get me the box dimensions and weight (in Point 2 above) immediately, this box contained my material in their office. They finally got these details to me late the next day which left me an hour to get a courier to pick up the next day otherwise Boston would not allow access. Absolutely disgusting conduct by their manager. I showed another SCorp Manager at another location the email interactions during these events and she said she was "taken a back" by SCorp Boston’s actions and emails.

SCorp Boston is diseased from top to bottom and requires immediate attention Corporation intervention. I will lodge a complaint with Servcorp."

Jopico says

"No reply on emails for a week, hidden charges

Location: Bangkok, Central World

can't get in touch for more than a week to cancel the service
BE AWARE that cancellation of the service is chargeable as per terms of conditions"

Andy Samson says

"Too many hidden costs, very poor onsite management. Managers have no clue and copy past what ever is dictated to them from hierarchy !"

Jean-Philippe Thiney says

"Very bad company. A lot of hidden costs. Changing the terms of the contract even after signing. Doesn't refund our deposit without any reason and since they don't respond to any email or call. UNPROFESSIONAL"

Derek Gilboe says

"We had an office at Servcorp Bank of America Center and the building is one of the best in Houston, but the experience with Servcorp soured this greatly. Appearances are great, but staff turnover creates issues, further complicated by the management. They are greatly overpriced with lease terns designed to maximize their billing to their client and added expenses just to leave upon completion of the lease term. AVOID SERVCORP AT ALL COSTS IN HOUSTON."

Bandy2007 says

"The worst service I have ever seen.
They charge for every single thing...
No one should join this company..."

Vincy Cheng says

"Very bad services of their staff! Overprices of all of their facilities! Not honest in disclosing their prices and availability of services before signing contract! Ridiculous service office!"

Kenny says

"I had a very bad experience with Servcorp. The good reviews are because incentives is given to write them. It has shocking hidden costs they charge extra one month rent just to "refurbish" the area. I was unwilling to pay but they deduct my deposit. Also, they try to dig your monies in all aspects. ie. the secretary helping to open the door they charge $30. It was overall a very bad experience. You may go there if you have too much cash to spare."

Khairul Abdul Karim says

"To be clear, I do not put Servcorp (Ilham Tower, Kuala Lumpur) at fault for my poor rating and review.

I started a business in April 2016, and based on my good experiences with Servcorp (Citibank Tower, Kuala Lumpur) in 2012 (when I was managing another business), I decided to use their facilities again. I signed a contract for 1 year which had expired in April 2017.

On a good note, the office and the environment were pleasant and conducive, the staffs were courteous and efficient. In the end, I spent, I think, less than a month in the entire year at the office. Never really utilised the 'connections' or the 'refreshments'.

However, as excited as I was, I did not scrutinise the agreement, hence:

1) I sent termination notice 15 days late (instead of 2 months, I managed 1 1/2 months) - The local management refused to consider my appeal to make the notice good, but, they managed to delay my termination for 15 days instead of rolling over for another year. This cost me about MYR3K.
2) I did not notice the mandatory 'Office Refurbishment' charge of 1 or 2 months listed rental. Again, I appealed but the best I got was a 'fixed' 1 month charge. This cost me about MYR5K.
3) I also did not notice the mandatory 3-month 'Virtual Office' package. Despite not requiring it, and despite my appeals, I will have to endure 3 months of it. This will cost me about MYR2K.
4) Due to the unrequired but 'enforced' 3-month 'Virtual Office', the much needed fund from the refund of security deposit (1 month listed rental) will be delayed for 3 months.

Again, none of these were Servcorp's faults but I guess I was too naive to think that Servcorp was there to support small and struggling startup businesses like mine. The MYR10K I would lose might as well be the difference between surviving 1 more month or otherwise but no consideration or compassion was given. For this, Servcorp will get negative recommendations from me and my partners."

Rob Jupp says

"Firstly, I would say that the ServCorp offices that I have visited have been amongst the nicest offices. The raw material is therefore positive. So why such a poor score?

Simply put, they will charge you for absolutely everything and expect their staff to attempt to 'hawk' their services in an attempt to increase revenue. This could be down to something as innocent as 'you look busy, would you like a nice cup of tea.' 4 weeks later you notice a cost which reflects the worlds most expensive cup of tea, yes a chargeable event!

We gave Servcorp notice that we were going to leave their London offices at the end of the contract and gave them a few months notice. Due to previous issues with getting deposits back we suggested that the last months rent be offset against the much bigger deposit they were holding on account, and put this in writing. Servcorp said that this wasn't acceptable and then, with no warning prevented, all our staff from entering the office. Yes, you heard it right, kept them in the reception for hours like criminals. When I phoned the ServCorp rep up (young, clueless, rude and there for 6 months which made her one of the longest serving members of the team) she said that without the full payment they wouldn't be allowed in. May I remind you that they owed us much more than we owned them. I suggested that we make a nominal payment that would still leave them owing us £10,000 but no negotiation. I than reluctantly offered to pay the full amount via my credit card and after putting me on hold for 10 minutes they said it wasn't a 'secure method.' I offered to get on a train and pay the amount in person and to personally ID me (even though they all knew me there as I'm often in the office) but no, not acceptable.

I had no option to pay the full amount to allow my staff to attend work. Even though I showed them that the payment had left my bank account they wouldn't allow the staff back into the office until the funds had hit their account.

In 25 years of running Global Businesses I have never experienced such a complete shambles of a business. Rude, arrogant, aggressive and unresponsive to be able to expedite a really unhappy client who felt let down.
I will now make a point of telling anyone who is interested in serviced offices never to deal with ServCorp. They make Regus look like world beaters."

Arne says

"I got an email a few days ago if I want to test Servcorp for 90 days for free (well beside 1$ setup) so because I cam currently searching a new virtual office provider in NYC I decided to give them a chance. Because I had some bad experience in the past I say hey lets try it again.
After the signup I got an email that my account is activated I can use the account, with the address and phone number. A day later I got a request for my passport and business registration. I send them over. I start using the account and let our web designer change the homepage, gave the new details to some business partners etc.
Now I got an email that I can't use the trial as I was a client before. Funny, why did I got an invitation for the trial? I got a very unfriendly email from (name). I have to say I never ever get some more unfriendly and offending email from a service provider. So I try to find a solution. I got an offer to get first two month 50% off. Well not a good deal if you want to check if the service is good enough.
So I really can say at least in New York I would avoid Servcorp. The One World Trade Center location should be great but when I see how the stuff is doing there job there I don't believe its a good long term partner for your business.
And its getting even more sad. Was told my card is not charged. As my account was never setup. (well it was as I got a confirmation email and even a payment ID) but than to my surprise it even shows up on my card statement... So much to the honest people there."